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shoah  // Posts tagged as "shoah"

31 Jan Posted by | 9 comments

Inglorious Basterds and Sandy Koufax


I got into Newark from Tel Aviv at 5pm on a Friday. Too late for the Haredim, which meant fewer babies. It was one of the more peaceful plane rides from Israel I’ve been on. Nevertheless, I can’t sleep on airplanes, so I watch movies. And in the case of this trip, somebody (somebody who either knows exactly what they’re doing, or somebody who really has absolutely no idea what they’re doing) decided that one of the choices on the flight back from Israel should be Inglorious Basterds. Every time there was a scene that was decked out in swastikas, I worried just a little that a survivor might be looking over my back, but when I turned around nobody seemed to be paying attention. My viewing of Inglorious Basterds was somewhat of an exception to the way I normally...