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LIberalism  // Posts tagged as "LIberalism"

06 Mar Posted by | Comments

A Republican Jew on Progressive Jews, Israel, and the American Jewish Community

israel american flags

As a Republican Jew I often find myself in the minority. As someone who is deeply involved in Jewish life, this happens quite often. Yet when it comes to Israel, I find affiliated Jewry, especially those identified as liberal, becomes lackluster in their commitment to classical liberal values. This is not a clarion call for the Jewish community to wake up and smell the politically conservative flowers. Rather, it is a call for our community to recognize that Progressive Jews are right on Israel and wrong regarding their critique of the Jewish community. Israel is not perfect and, it is my opinion that the Jewish Progressives are 100% right that this fact should not be hidden from inquiring minds. Whether on Arab-Israeli’s, women’s, and religious rights, Israel has a lot of space for growth. Many Progressive Jews want an Israel...

25 Jan Posted by | 5 comments

It’s Hard Out There For A Liberal

liberal value

It’s no secret that Zionism and the American Left don’t play well together. We’ve known this for some time. It’s also no secret that the majority of American Jews are being raised with American, Liberal values at the same time as being taught to love Israel. As many people have pointed out over the past few years, 2 + 2 = identity crisis. In order to explain this phenomenon, I want to define two things on a deeper level than most people have ventured to define them within the context of this debate – The American Left and Zionism. I think that doing so will elucidate some as to why this crisis is occurring and as to why the answer is neither simple, nor pleasant. Let’s start with the American Left. The American Left can be divided into two main...