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Habonim  // Posts tagged as "Habonim"

29 Nov Posted by | 1 comment

Bibi, Bonnie and Clyde

Posted in: Israeli Culture

Two nights ago, I went out to see a new musical on Broadway. Bonnie & Clyde. Spoiler alert. They die. It was a phenomenal play. More interesting though, were the reactions of the 9 Israelis I saw it with. They mostly enjoyed it. They found the scenes with the gospel choir to be quite amusing. But none of them had ever really heard the full story of Bonnie and Clyde that the average American is familiar with and it was definitely novel. By intermission, one young woman was utterly confused by the ideology of the play. “I don’t get it”, she said, “I’m feeling like I want the bad guys to win”. It must be a peculiar thing that we do in America, turning mobsters, villains and murderers into folk heroes. Especially in the face of economic catastrophe (Bonnie and...

16 Nov Posted by | 1 comment

Youth Movement Shlichim


I just finished a weekend seminar that Habonim Dror (The Labor-Zionist youth movement) runs for its summer camps every fall. While most of our seminars are geared towards young people, this one brings the professional staff and Adult committee leaders together with the young people. One of the more touching moments was when we discussed our Shlichim (or Emissaries). These young people have chosen to spend 1-2 years of their life, living on little more than enough to get by, educating young people in our youth movement about Zionism. They do amazing work! I could write pages about each of our shlichim, and I’m sure I will at some point, but for now I want to highlight one in particular for some work he did in Philadelphia. Oded Marck worked with the young leaders in Philadelphia to transform a quiet,...