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30 Oct Posted by | Comments

“Myself. One People. Our Israel.”

WZC 140

It was a slogan that was used to mobilize Israel’s supporters from all walks of life in the United States to vote in the World Congress elections. Vote you did. The results came in, delegates were elected and the slates that were chosen reflect those many voices; lots of diversity. With that diversity comes…. disagreement. The slates have very different views on what Israel stands for, what Israel should be, what American Zionism should look like, what Israel’s policies should be on many issues and even more! Yet they came to Israel as one delegation; as one community of American Jews who share a love for Israel. A delegation with a passion for Israel strong enough to have them leave their jobs and families to hash out and consider those disagreements not only with each other but with Jews from...

08 Nov Posted by | 1 comment

Zionism at the GA


The General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America is one of the largest annual gatherings of Jews in the Diaspora. It brings together Jews from all points on the spectrums of political affiliation, religious observance, and opinions on Israel. There are many issues that are emphasized at the GA, with specialty tracks focusing on Jewish leadership, the Middle East and Israel, community building, and new and innovative tactics, among others. The diversity of the GA participants marks the tones of the various sessions, with conversations taking place on all of the issues facing the Jewish community, ranging from intermarriage to engaging the younger generation. With so many issues on the table for the North American Jewish community to deal with and discuss, it is interesting to note the prevalence of Israel in the conference. Israel is an issue that...