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anti-Zionism  // Posts tagged as "anti-Zionism"

03 Feb Posted by | 2 comments

Occupy Oakland Adopts Outrageous BDS Resolution

occupy oakland nov 19 467_1

As reported yesterday by Electronic Intifada  ( Occupy Oakland passed a proposal yesterday to support the movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS). You can view the statement here – As a radical leftist and a Zionist, I am not surprised by this development, but I am nonetheless upset. I won’t even get into my feelings about whether one can reconcile being Leftist and a Zionist in America today. You can read my earlier blog post for that ( Here are some of the seriously problematic elements (from the of slightly bothersome to completely outrageous and Anti-Semitic) of the resolution that passed yesterday: 1. This movement claims to be “Anchored in universal principles of human rights”. While groups like this will often support policies like affirmative action, or indigenous rights which provide support to a previously oppressed...

16 Nov Posted by | 1 comment

Exploring the Threat of Delegitimization


The campaign to delegitimize Israel is growing steadily and becoming ever more hostile. Not only does this movement seek to strip away Israel’s lawful existence but to prevent Jewish self-determination altogether. A key point is that the delegitimization movement is mostly non-violent, so outsider observers have the false impression that it is no real threat. Yet harm is being done: Delegitimization has become such a critical issue inside the Jewish community itself that infighting has flared, with multiple organizations challenging the validity of one another’s “pro-Israel” identity, and questioning the right of certain groups to even “belong in the tent” of the organized Jewish community. Delegitimization is such a hot topic that it became one of the major agenda points at the 2011 Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in Denver last week. Several panels devoted their energies to...