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24 Feb Posted by | Comments

Does Israeli Apartheid Week Benefit Anyone?

Posted in: Israel Activism

Those behind this week’s activities on campuses and elsewhere: your role doesn’t help anyone, neither Palestinians nor Israelis who are working to build trust on the ground, writes Ishmael Khaldi, Counsellor for Civil Society Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in London. Ishmael Khaldi was the first Bedouin in Israel’s foreign service. He has served as Israel’s deputy consul general in the US Pacific Northwest and has been Middle East and Arab affairs adviser for Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman since August 2009.  He has recently been appointed the Counsellor for Civil Society Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in London. To read the full post, please visit

25 Jan Posted by | 5 comments

It’s Hard Out There For A Liberal

liberal value

It’s no secret that Zionism and the American Left don’t play well together. We’ve known this for some time. It’s also no secret that the majority of American Jews are being raised with American, Liberal values at the same time as being taught to love Israel. As many people have pointed out over the past few years, 2 + 2 = identity crisis. In order to explain this phenomenon, I want to define two things on a deeper level than most people have ventured to define them within the context of this debate – The American Left and Zionism. I think that doing so will elucidate some as to why this crisis is occurring and as to why the answer is neither simple, nor pleasant. Let’s start with the American Left. The American Left can be divided into two main...