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30 Mar Posted by | Comments

The Election is Over – Now Go and Vote

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes a point as he addresses a joint meeting of Congress in Washington

An open letter to my American Jewish friends: Tell me you care by Dr. David Breakstone, vice chairman of the World Zionist Organization and international vice president of MERCAZ Olami. Exercise  your right to vote –  In a recent article, originally published in The Times of Israel, makes his case as to now that the Israel election is over, now is the time to go vote for Israel. PM Netanyahu stands before the U.S. Congress and claims to speak in your name. I’m not going to tell you whether you should feel reassured by that or enraged. I am going to tell you that you have a voice of your own, and a way to make it heard. Now that we who live in Israel have had our say regarding its future, it’s time for you to have yours. As...

08 Mar Posted by | Comments

A Personal Perspective on Israel


For close to 35 years, I have had the opportunity to serve as the head of the American Zionist Movement.  While the movement known as modern Zionism has been in place for well over a century, I believe we can all agree that the past thirty years have been a time to finally appreciate the sheer success of this movement.  In Israel’s early years, the nation’s very existence was a huge question mark and for decades we were never quite sure whether the next attack from our enemies would be the fatal blow that would end our dream.  In many ways that insecurity lasted into this modern period when not only was Israel able to survive, but the Jewish State began to truly thrive. The historic messages of turning the desert into farmland became more and more of a reality....

23 Jul Posted by | 1 comment

Victims of Munich Olympic Massacre Finally Granted Appropriate Remembrance

After 40 years the IOC has finally agreed to hold a minute of silence for the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches that were so brutally murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics.  After enough support was finally gained on the controversy IOC President Jacques Rogge bowed to pressure to allow the minute of silence in the opening ceremony of the London Games.  The Munich victims were originally scheduled to be honored in a separate ceremony at Guildhall in London organized by the Israeli Olympic Committee without any mention at the opening ceremony.  I think that it is absolutely abhorrent that politics should play a role in a moment that should remain pure and uniting.   Why wouldn’t the committee previously allow for a moment of silence in the opening ceremony if not because the deceased were Israeli.  Is it because they don’t...